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Whatever your stance is on Amanda Palmer, you cannot deny that she is an amazing artist.

I  love her, I may be bias, but she is fantastic. The Dresden Dolls were amazing, and when I saw her perform as Glastonbury a couple of years ago it was a rare moment where I felt myself having an epiphany.

I’m not explaining myself very well but: I love her, she is great.

I am sure by now that you have all heard of Patreon. If not, essentially you pay money either on a monthly or per project basis, in order to support an artist. This could be music, paintings, sculptures, YouTube videos – the list is endless. In return you receive bonus content and other agreed upon rewards (in addition to the eternal gratitude of the artist).

Now if you’ve heard of Amanda Palmer you already know about the amazing work she did with Kickstarter. With the support of over 24,000 fans she raised almost $1.2 million, the most raised for a musical project on the site, towards her album Theatre is Evil. The video below is of a TED talk from a couple of years ago that she did where she talks about this, as well as other topics, and it is completely inspiring.

But I digress. I could honestly go off on a whole post about how much I love her, but I might save that for another time.

Today’s post is about AP’s first ‘thing’ from her Patreon campaign is a heartbreakingly beautiful song called BIGGER ON THE INSIDE. I implore you to please please please GO TO THIS LINK. It may take 15 minutes out of your life but it is worth it. Read the background to the song in Amanda’s own words. And then listen to the song.

This has been released for almost a month now, but I want so many people to hear it. So sharing it is my gift to you. I don’t want to spoiler it for you and, as with most things, the artists own explanation is the best way of understanding it.

It is beautiful. It is dark. It is emotional. It is vulnerable.

I will admit that I have only listened to the song four times, because I find it so upsetting, but I have it downloaded for future reference. I know that I will need this song in the future. After recommending it to my good friend Liss I thought that I would share it with as many of you as I could.

I’m sorry if this is a rushed post. I’m riding high on emotion and what I have written is a minimally edited stream of thought. I have no doubt that Amanda will pop back up on my blog again. I’m still making my way through her book The Art of Asking as it is genuinely life changing and I don’t want it to end. I rarely feel like this with books… it is something really special, and I will definitely share it with you all.

Please, listen to the song and tell me what you think.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter and I will return with more upbeat posts very soon xx