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I miss blogging.
I miss updating my blog multiple times a week.
I miss interacting with readers.
I miss discovering new blogs.

I know that blogging isn’t a ‘chore’ and I technically don’t owe anyone updates – but I like to be active, and I really haven’t been for the last two weeks.

Honesty is the best policy and I haven’t been completely honest recently. I’m not saying this for sympathy, I’m saying this because it’s my blog and it’s a place to share my worries and pains, whether anybody else reads it or not.

I went to see my Doctor maybe two months ago after I woke up with back pain. I initially wrote it off as sleeping funny but after a fortnight I went to check it out. He told me to do Yoga and Pilates and come back in a few months. Long story short I ended up going back multiple times and now have a referral to the hospital and I survive on a daily cocktail of solpadol/co-codamol and tramadol. These pretty much knock me out and make me pretty useless which sucks. They also don’t really help with the pain, which is even worse, but they make it more manageable.

The pain is weird. It’s in multiple places and seems to be getting worse. It has spread right across my shoulders and bottom of my neck; it is also on the bottom right of my back right near my kidneys; if you touch my spine it all feels bruise; and the tops of my thighs are in constant agony. It just makes simple things like getting out of bed or walking anywhere ridiculously painful, but I have to force myself to do things as it temporarily dulls the pain.

I am off to Edinburgh next week and fingers crossed the pain isn’t too bad – it almost ruined my trip to Norwich last week.

The thing that I am most worried about is the fact that I had to have a health check to obtain clearance for my volunteering trip abroad. I had to mention my back problems, and now they are assessing whether I will be able to go or not. I am keeping everything crossed!!

Anyway, I am sorry to be such a downer. I have a tonne of ideas for posts that I want to write and I really want to share these with you all. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later xx