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Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! I hope that you are having a great day.

As a special treat I have conducted a studying in how to make your cat love (or at least like) you.

After browsing Google for a while (it is shameful how often I actually search ‘How to make your cat love you’) I came across an article called ‘5 Ways to Make Your Cat Love You More’ which seemed simply enough. If I can make my cat love me in 5 easy steps, what is the harm in trying?


So, some background to my cat. Her name is Zoe, she will be two years old in April, and like most cats she hates me. The picture above is of the two of us – maybe she hates me because of the hat? Anyway, as I am pretty much spending Valentine’s day in my house with Zoe I decided that it was time to make her love me (or at least like me… or tolerate my presence) and so I came across the aforementioned article which promised to answer all my dreams.

Below are the five suggestions given, and my result to each one:

#5 Cat & Mouse Games: OK we are off to a great start. My cat loves to play. Her favourite toys include her PG Tips Monkey, a little toy rat, and double lollies. For some reason she has taken to carrying around this bean bag hand-warmer which we keep hiding from her. We also recently bought a laser pen which she absolutely adores running around after and hunting down. So imagine how gutted I was when I discovered that the laser had decided to die on us. Way to kill my vibe.


I then tried to bribe her with Catnip, by rubbing it in the bottom of a box, and that worked for a whole 5 minutes. Maybe I overestimated how much she enjoys playing. However she did enjoy playing with the strap on my camera, dammit Zoe.


Verdict: FAIL

#4 Being So Fresh, So Clean: My cat likes the good things in life – cat food, water, and a clean litter box. What a diva. I make sure that these are all good on a daily basis but, as a Valentine’s treat, I decided to brush her. My cat never lets me brush her and it’s always up to someone else. Below is a picture of her face as I was brushing her. I think she liked it?


Verdict: PASS

#3 Purr-fect Snacks: My cat is on a diet at the moment and she will not forgive us for doing this to her. So anytime that we call “Sweeties!” or rattle a packet of treats in her direction she will be your BFF. We have a deal in my house where the cat won’t get any treats until she marks you up, and then stands on her hind legs. Is this mean? Whatever, she gets treats out of it (even if she doesn’t do this!). So naturally as soon as I got her treats out I was in her good books. RESULT.


Verdict: PASS

#2 Snuggle Time: Yeah, no, my cat won’t do snuggle time. She refuses to sit on my lap and the only way to get her to sit on me is if I carry her and attempt to hold her in my lap. Her favourite trick is to pretend to like you, and roll around and show you her belly, but as soon as you go to stroke her she will bite. Lil shit.

Verdict: FAIL

#1 Show Her the L-O-V-E: Overall I have discovered that by leaving my cat alone, and making sure she is clean/fed/watered on a daily basis, that she will tolerate me and might even come and sleep on my bed when she is bored. Although this could be because of my super comfy memory foam mattress…

However as I type this she is sat opposite me, purring on my brother’s lap. Way to rub it in my face.


So, there you go, my failed attempted at making my cat love me. As I said, the only way to make her like me is to ignore her. So fingers crossed she will get bored of a lack of attention from me, but with three other people in the house fussing over her, I doubt this will happen anytime soon. But as far as cats go, she’s not too bad I guess. I still love her even if she doesn’t feel the same.

P.S: Here is a bonus (blurry) Valentine’s kiss from my cat. Pucker up.

kissykissyEDIT: For my fellow singletons I also have a post about How to Tackle being single (especially around Valentine’s!)