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I could write essays on the single life – ask any of my friends, and they will tell you that I am just not a relationship person. I have little time for other people as it is. However as it is the ‘season of love’ I have decided to do a Valentine’s specific How to Tackle. This is the time of year when you want to be with someone you love and lavish them with gifts whilst bragging about your partner to all your friends, right?


Even if you don’t have a significant other to share the day with there are so many things you can do on 14th February that aren’t the forced annual declarations of love.

A quick Google search on the topic brought up titles such as ‘How to Be Happy Being Single on Valentine’s Day’ and ‘Being Single on Valentine’s Day: A Survival Guide’. The mind boggles. I guess now I am in my early-twenties I care less about February 14th than when I was younger – but even then I didn’t really care. Maybe I am just bitter (I’m really not, I promise).

However this inspired me to write about how to enjoy your day if you don’t have a partner and other (far more enjoyable) activities you can do instead!

Note to whoever I end up with on Valentine’s in the future: I apologise in advance. Please let’s never do anything on 14th January – there are 364 other days of the year.

EMBRACE STEREOTYPES: Or do the opposite – whatever floats your boat. If you want a night in with trashy chick-flicks/rom-coms (Bridget Jones is my go-to movie), takeaway, ice-cream and wine then you go ahead and enjoy it all. Fancy a night on the town? Or sat in bed playing video games all day? Go crazy. Just go something that makes you happy. Be as cliché as you like.

SPEND IT WITH PEOPLE YOU CARE ABOUT: At university we used to have an anti-Valentine’s day where we would order pizza, watch a few films, and just have a good laugh. It’s all corporate bullshit, we know this. Personally I am going to go and see my Grandparents this year – share your day with the people you love. Family, friends, or your partner, have fun and let them know how much they mean to you. And don’t just save this for Valentine’s – you can do this at any point in the year.

ONLINE DATING: If you get desperate, or need a good laugh, then hit up some online dating sites. There’s OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, Tinder… and I am sure there are plenty more. If anything it will kill a few hours of your day whilst you wade through the creeps and laugh at the poor pick-up lines. (I have only ever used these sorts of sites/apps as a joke but I actually know people who are in serious, loving relationships because of the aforementioned sites – so you may meet someone who will be your Valentine next year!)

REJOICE IN YOUR RICHES: Think of all the money that you are saving not buying cards, tacky presents, and over-priced meals in packed restaurants. Now, I love a good gift, but some of the shitty statues and cushions and cuddly toys that I have seen… Well, let’s just say I would rather have the £5 that they probably cost. And on that note –

TREAT YO’SELF: You don’t need a (wo)man to buy you things to make you feel special. It is a commercial holiday. If someone truly loves me they don’t wait for one day in the year to tell me this, or show it through gifts and a card. But you should treat yourself – whether it is something small like a new product from Lush to pamper yourself with or that pair of Nike Blazers you have been eyeing up for months, take the plunge. You deserve it.


WHO CARES? People like to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. Heck even I have just written a post basically on why I am not a fan of it (I have finally become what I hate). But in all seriousness – my parents have never made many romantic gestures beyond a cheap card and the occasional box of chocolates. At High School you could send anonymous roses to people but I just saw this as a waste of money. I grew up with little to no interest in February 14th. It is just another day. Actually two of my cousins have their birthday on that day…

But in all seriousness Valentine’s is a lovely holiday where people can tell others how much they mean to them and show them that they really care. I just wish people did this more often.

Anyway. Enough of seeming like a bitter old woman – what are you all up to this Valentine’s Day? Whatever you do, whether you ignore the day or do something super exciting, I hope you have a good one!

P.S I actually have a special Valentine’s themed post that I will put up on the 14th and I will link back to it here when it is finally up. Hopefully you will enjoy it and it will give you a good laugh (that’s the aim at least)! If you would like a little Valentine’s treat, or a general pick-me-up, here is my blog post on How to Make Your Cat Love You!