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I know nothing about makeup or fashion. But I always like to try new things and yesterday I may have accidentally spent money that I don’t have on things that I don’t need.

So to make myself feel slightly better, I decided to share my post-shoppers guilt with you!


Maybelline – Fit Me foundation and powder. I have only tried Maybelline’s Dream Satin liquid foundation previously and I thought it was alright, but so many people recommended Fit Me and it was on offer so decided to give it a shot. Also, I am a self-confessed slave to Rimmel’s Stay Matte pressed powder, and I love things that match, so I decided to get the Fit Me powder too.


Concealer – Collection Lasting Perfection. Do I even need to comment? Every beauty blogger under the sun has raved about this concealer already. I don’t use anything else. It’s cheap, it covers well, what more could you ask for?


(From L-R: Adore, Cupid in disguise, Are you still available?)

3 Nail Polishes – Makeup Revolution are an amazing brand that one of my best friends introduced me to over Christmas. I’ve previously tried their palettes, which only cost £4, and when I saw these nail polishes were only £1 I had to stock up. They’re a good size, they go on well, and so far they haven’t chipped. Yay! I really like this brand.


Eyebrow palette – Again it’s another Revolution product. When I saw this for only £2.50 I couldn’t resist. I think doing your eyebrows is so important – they really ‘make’ a face, and if I was only allowed one piece of makeup on a desert island it would definitely be a brow kit. Fingers crossed that this is good I have high expectations.


Clear mascara – As above: you gotta tame those brows!


Miss Sporty – OK so you can laugh but honestly Miss Sporty makeup isn’t that bad. It’s cheap and cheerful and always has great coverage, sometimes I’ll just dab it on top of my other foundation in lieu of concealer. I haven’t tried this particular one but for a couple of quid I couldn’t resist it.


Zoella – I have been watching Zoella for years and I still haven’t properly tried her beauty products! There was a special offer on in Superdrug and so I decided to take the plunge… but apparently so did everybody in my town. All that was left was two fizz bars, everything else had sold out. Sad times. I need to get my hands on the Blissful Mistful body mist. I need it.


Perfume – I found this Katy Perry perfume set in Boots whilst waiting for a train the other day. It was only £9 so I thought I would give it a go. I’m not too keen on the bottle, but I’m sure I’ll live, and it smells incredible – definitely worth a sniff if you see it!


Nails – These were only 50p, so I couldn’t just leave them in Primark could I? I have terrible nails which always break so I will use any excuse to wear fake ones.


Shirt – Special shout out to Primark again as I picked up this snazzy, floaty shirt for £1. Yes, one whole pound. I love anything with a dodgy pattern and non-iron shirts are always golden in my eyes!


I know that this isn’t normally the sort of thing I post but I’m always curious to see what other people have been buying so I thought I would share with you all.

Have any of you tried these products before? What have you been ‘accidentally’ purchasing recently?

(Look at me pretending that I know things about makeup… I am a fraud)