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I am possibly one of the laziest people you will meet. Sloths are more active than I am.

On a serious note I went to see my Doctor today and it made me realised that now is the moment to make huge changes in my life. I am changing other aspects of my life, I’m learning to drive and I’m working on a new career path, but my health is hugely important: so now is the time to make a change.

Everybody says that January is the month that they will get healthy and more active – but I have no idea how. What about all the leftover Christmas food? What about comfort eating when it’s cold? Who actually enjoys salad when it’s snowing outside? And herein lies my problem.

Fit February is how I aim to go about sharing my health-kick experience with you all. Every Tuesday this month I will post something health related, be it a recipe, exercise routine, or something else entirely, and keep a track of my personal progress. Hopefully this will motivate me!

Here are a few items that I either purchased today, or already had around the house, that will hopefully help me on my mission of health!

DSCN0308I’m not one to fuss over exactly how much I weigh, and I won’t bore you with exact details, but I want to keep a personal record to track my progress! These Salter Glass Analyser scales are amazing – they hide under my bed so I’m not constantly tempted to check, and not only do they measure weight but also body fat %, body water % and BMI. I don’t understand what any of it means but it’s still interesting to know!

DSCN0292 DSCN0303

I love sugar. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I have such a sweet-tooth. But if I am going to make a lifestyle change I need to drastically cut this out and start taking my vitamins…YAY! I also need to cut back on the amount of fizzy drinks that I consume, and the amount of sugar that I have in my tea, and replace this with some good old water. I really don’t drink enough and as I am a sucker for anything Marvel I am hoping that this cup will help me keep a track on how much water I actually drink! (Also I promise that I have vitamins other than the ones pictures, these were just the first ones that I found).


I’ve been a member of the gym before and the guilt I felt every day that I wasn’t in there still wasn’t enough to motivate me to go more. The only time I was excited to exercise was when I had purchased more sportswear, and since I already have enough of that, I decided to purchase some sporty socks today, because who doesn’t love socks, right?


I initially went to see my Doctor today because of a back problem, and he suggested that I take Yoga or Pilates to help strengthen my core and to get some gentle exercise. I had a bad accident when I was cycling in October so a heavy gym session is a no-go, but Yoga/Pilates sounds perfect. I picked up this exercise mat for a whole £2 today, and these push-up bars were also on sale at £2 (thank you Primark!), so I am one step closer to a more active lifestyle. I was advised to purchase some Yoga DVDs or look up videos on YouTube – does anyone have any suggestions? I would love to hear them!

I know that this healthy lifestyle will take time, and a huge change isn’t going to happen overnight, but I’m hoping that by putting this on my blog it will motivate me. I will become healthier dammit!

PS. How is it February already?