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file0002085028505I am not sure if I have made the best or worst decision of my life. I have either been uncharacteristically brave, or ridiculously stupid.

On Friday I quit my job.

I won’t speak badly about the company I worked for, and I won’t name names, but I just wasn’t happy in the job. It wasn’t what I wanted to do. So while I am in a position with minimal financial responsibilities and the opportunity to get out – I took it.

I have been half-heartedly applying for jobs but I need to work out what I want to do. Easier said than done right? I have some options but my indecisiveness is my worst trait:

  • Do I try and find something in London? I received a timely call yesterday from someone headhunting me… into the same industry I just left.
  • Do I go back to my university city? Although I know it won’t be the same, I miss it loads.
  • Or do I go crazy and volunteer abroad for a few months? Although I would need something to fill up the months before I go, and I might regret not going back to work straightaway.

I know that this won’t mean anything to anyone, but I just wanted to let it all out somewhere.

So, apologies if I go MIA but I am trying to work out what I am doing and where I am going with my life.

Growing up sucks.