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I have decided to continue with Blogging101 – not only does it give me the motivation to keep writing, but I have found some fantastic blogs through it!

Today’s goal is to write to Your Dream Reader. I have no idea who my ideal blog reader would be. So far I have largely hidden the fact that I am doing this from friends, apart from the few that I follow. There is no reasoning behind this; maybe I am a little bit worried about judgement, or the pressure to maintain the consistency with which I blog. Who knows.

However my dream reader would be someone I went to high school with. Not a specific individual, but the people who made my life a living hell through their words and actions – I want them to see how well I have done for myself, and where I will continue in the future. High school was an interesting time for me growing up, as it is with everyone else. I fitted the mould of your typical loner ‘emo’, the girl who would sit on the bus and listen to My Chemical Romance, hang out in the library alone at lunch and was bullied mercilessly by her peers.

Somehow I eventually found myself a fantastic group of friends who I am still in contact with today. Although we were all mocked and bitched about we were strong enough together to stand up for ourselves and retaliate when necessary (I am not one to advocate two wrongs making a right, but sometimes it is needed).  We helped each other the best we could.

To all of the people who destroyed my confidence and trust throughout my school life, I just feel sorry for you. Sure, I still hate you. However I am learning to get over the hate; there is no need to hold on to unnecessary bitterness. But now that I have moved back to my home town the memories come flooding back whenever I go into shops and you are serving me, or I go to the pub and you are at the next table. I will learn to get over it.

On my worst days I used to lose myself in music and honestly my musical tastes between the ages of thirteen and twenty-one are still practically the same. If it was on Kerrang! and if I fiercely denied that it was ‘emo’ then I probably listened to it. I shall leave you with a song that I recently stumbled across again, and I love it as much as the first time I heard it.

Laters friends xx