Hello from the other side… of 2015.


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Hello. Again.

My blogging experience in 2015 was a bit of a fail wasn’t it? I had some good posts and spoke with some really great people, but things happened and everything fell to the wayside. The typical excuses: work, studying, work, time, work…

So where better to begin again than with another resolutions post. Last year I kicked off my blog with my ‘vague resolutions’ – so why not keep up tradition?

To recap last year my plans were to:

Blog: Well. The less said about this the better. I will make a more detailed post explaining 2015 in more detail, but I am definitely in a happier place than I was this time last year. A much happier place.

Move to London: Yep, nope. Things changed. My career changed. I am still living it up at home. Hopefully not for much longer, but who can say?

Pass my Driving Test: YES I ACTUALLY DID THIS ONE. I passed my driving test in August and since then I’ve racked up about 3000 miles on my car. Not too bad.

Wear my contact lenses: I’m still paying for them on a monthly basis, and I’m still not wearing them. Maybe 2016 will be the year? Probably not.

Learn the guitar: Another failed attempt.

Colouring in: Yet again I failed with my James Franco therapeutic colouring in. But for Christmas I received both Game of Thrones AND Harry Potter colouring books so I really have no excuses left.

But enough about the past – here is to the future! My aims for 2016 are:

Vegetarianism: I was a vegetarian until I went to university (but the less said about that the better). Recently I have found myself drawn to vegan and vegetarian youtubers and bloggers, and slowly I’ve been incorporating their ways of living into my life. I am more conscious about where products come from: avoiding purchasing products from companies who still use animal testing, and attempting to rid my wardrobe of any leather/suede products.  Whilst I doubt I could ever go fully vegan, I am going to have a ‘vegan week’ once a month to see how I would cope.

Less stuff, less stress: Over the last few months I have become obsessed with the KonMari method of tidying up and decluttering. Genuinely obsessed. I can’t even begin to count the hours I have watched people sift through their shelves, wardrobes, garages, basements, decluttering and reorganising their belongings. Now I only have a bedroom, not an entire house, to declutter but something about her book really struck a cord with me. I have so much ‘stuff’. I buy useless ‘stuff’. Not only are all the things I buy a waste of money, but I have no space for them, and worst of all they have NO USE. This is definitely something I want to work on over the next year – heck, I just donated 4 bags of clothing and shoes last week, and have inspired my family to do the same. It is genuinely liberating. Maybe I’ll do a separate post on this.

Qualify: As you may, or may not, know – I am currently training to be a teacher. Whilst also working as a full time teacher. I have my own classes, mark assessments, run parents evenings, sit in detentions with kids, get recognised at the weekend looking tired as hell in the middle of Tesco… that kind of high school teacher. I love my job, but the university side of things is slowly killing me. But hey, I love a good challenge.

Make time for others: I am a shitty friend. I cancel at the last minute, my excuses seem weak, and I rarely make the effort to contact others. This has to change – I want to see my friends, I want to hang out, I want to do fun things. I have a car, I have the money, there’s no excuse really. This could also go for a relationship too really. I’m now in a position where I’m comfortable with myself, my finances, and my time, to invest in someone else. But I’m not particularly fussed; friends are way more important.

Learn an Instrument: I got a ukulele for Christmas! This could easily go the same route as my 2015 guitar resolution but I am determined to actually learn the ukulele. I’ve got a shortlist of five songs I want to learn as soon as possible – I’m a woman on a mission!

So there you have it, my resolutions for 2016. This past year definitely had it’s ups and downs, but on the whole it was great.

At some point I will overhaul this blog: a new name, title and theme are in order. But for now I must stop putting off all the work I have ignored during the Christmas holidays. 100+ exercise books will not mark themselves.

I hope you’re all doing OK. I have missed this. I missed you.

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An Overdue catch up and New Beginnings.


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Oh how time changes everything. In the fortnight since my last post I have experienced every emotion possible and I have had to make some really tough decisions. I have cried on a daily basis and stressed out over the littlest things, but I am definitely heading towards a happier place!

So I think it’s time that we had a chat.

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The worst week of my life (so far)


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And by week I mean Friday evening until Tuesday. 

  • My laptop got a virus 😥
  • My new car (which I haven’t even got to share with you all yet!!) was smashed in a hit and run accident whilst parked outside my house. 
  • I wasted my weekend with the police. 
  • We have to pay for the damage to the car. So what is my insurance paying for? Smh. 
  • Radio One announced its Big Weekend lineup and the Saturday is PERFECT. And it’s at my old university. Alas, I am the other side of the country for my cousins wedding that day, but I’m still upset. 
  • This morning I got a phone call from my old city council and they want go take me to court. So I can’t go into into it too much but it’s all the fault of my landlord. I had a moan at him after I submitted my evidence to the council and he offered to help a bit late. 
I hate being so negative but I just want to hide in a den of self-pity and wait for this to all blow over… So what better way to let it all out than on this blog!



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According to my friends I have turned into a “political fangirl”. I mean, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be clued up politics and the Government, but in the last month or so I have become obsessed.
It’s all I watch on TV, it’s my main focus when I’m reading the news, and to be honest I try and slip it in during 90% of my conversations (the other 10% being about Masterchef) so it has slowly taken over.

Something that has come up time and again is people saying that they aren’t voting. They don’t care. Politicians lie. It is all the same. It’s too much effort.

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Amanda Palmer – Bigger on the Inside


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Whatever your stance is on Amanda Palmer, you cannot deny that she is an amazing artist.

I  love her, I may be bias, but she is fantastic. The Dresden Dolls were amazing, and when I saw her perform as Glastonbury a couple of years ago it was a rare moment where I felt myself having an epiphany.

I’m not explaining myself very well but: I love her, she is great.

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